After recovering from Covid 19, many patients complain of persistent symptoms, even if the infection was some time ago. This is also referred to as Long Covid.


Long Covid Syndrome symptoms are:

  • Constant fatigue and weakness
  • Reduced performance and exhaustion
  • Coughing and shortness of breath
  • Muscular weakness, pain and tension
  • Impaired concentration, trouble finding words
  • Persistent impairment of the sense of smell
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia and restlessness


Many patients also report psychological stress, such as anxiety and depression. These are often exacerbated by worries about the future.
Patients with mild courses of the acute disease can also be affected. In a recent study published in an American medical journal, it was put forward that 80% of patients suffer persistently from one or more of these symptoms.

How can Physiotherapie am Herzogpark support you?

Our focus in treatment is on restoring lung function. This is done with the help of physiotherapeutic respiratory therapy. This involves strengthening the respiratory muscles, improving the mobility and extensibility of the chest and practising breathing techniques that enable deep and effective breathing. This improves shortness of breath and breathlessness.
A special approach of physiotherapy is what is called Reflective Breathing Therapy. With the help of hot compresses, the physiotherapist applies a thermal stimulus. This is a signal for your body to expand its airways. This is followed by various manual techniques - i.e. a variety of movements and touches. In this way, your therapist stimulates the skin, muscle and connective tissue of your chest in a targeted manner. The respiratory muscles and fasciae are being stretched, mobilised and the breathing rhythm improved.
Holistic breathing therapy naturally also includes balanced endurance training, which is adapted to the individual recovery process.

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