Manual therapy aims at identifying and documenting dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, restoring or maintaining normal function and at increasing the ability to bear weight.
In the concept of manual therapy, disorders in joint function are viewed holistically, which means that the manual therapist also examines problems in the muscular and nerve structures and includes these in their treatment strategy.
Manual therapy is characterised by targeted, impulse-free mobilisations and the use of soft tissue techniques to treat disruptions of joint function. An essential component of manual therapy is an extensive manual-therapeutic assessment of the patient's condition.

What can be treated with manual therapy?

Manual therapy can be applied to any joint with functional disorders.
Joints of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, problems in the pelvic region, as well as movement restrictions in the shoulder girdle, upper cervical and temporomandibular joints. All joints of the extremities, i.e. the hip, knee and ankle, but also the shoulder, elbow and wrist can be assessed and treated according to the concept of manual therapy.
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