Physiotherapy treats restrictions in the body's ability to move and function. In general, two types can be distinguished, namely passive and active physiotherapy.


Passive methods include:


Active measures include:

  • Physical therapy on machines for muscle development and training
  • Neurological and orthopaedic Rehabilitation in the form of training on the mat and with equipment to improve strength and coordination
  • Stretching exercises to maintain muscle elasticity and improve intramuscular metabolism
  • fall prevention

How can Physiotherapie am Herzogpark support you?

Physiotherapy is the umbrella term for a wide range of therapeutic methods and interventions that are individually tailored to the limitations and needs of our patients at Physiotherapie am Herzogpark following a physiotherapeutic assessment of their condition.
When selecting therapeutic methods our therapists act according to the Clinical Reasoning (CR) model.

If you would like to start physiotherapy at our clinic and need an appointment as soon as possible, please contact us now by telephone on +49 89 907 73 890 or by E-mail: info@physiotherapie-herzogpark.de

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