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What we believe:
Physiotherapy is not just the study of the disease, weakness and damage but rather focuses on recognizing existing strengths and resources and enhancing them in the best possible way.
At Physiotherapie am Herzogpark, we base our treatment on your functional limitations and restrictions to your activity, which we identify during our initial assessment.
Each treatment is individually adapted to the physiological and cognitive conditions of the patient. The goal of treatment at Physiotherapie am Herzogpark is to stimulate the natural reactions and self-healing abilities of the organism.
From a holistic point of view, our goal in therapy is to restore and maintain mobility and health, and in connection with this, we very often achieve pain relief or even that the patient is becoming pain-free.
Sissi Tiedemann

Our fields of expertise are:


It is our pleasure to guide you in an orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation, which you currently prefer to do on an outpatient basis in the private and luminous rooms of the Physiotherapy am Herzogpark.
Our Personal Training motivates and supports you in optimising your weekly fitness routine. After a comprehensive initial medical assessment of your functionality and pain, experienced therapists will work with you to develop a treatment plan that identifies your individual goals and draws on your strengths and resources.
Find out more about us and our clinic in a personal consultation.
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